Have you ever second-guessed yourself or had a CPA, family member or friend give you advice and it just didn’t sound or feel right to you, and you wanted a second opinion?  We at the “Academy Of Financial Education” knows firsthand how costly bad advice can be when it comes to Tax savings or business decisions.  Now you can get the correct answers to your questions you need when you need them.  We offer a free email consultation at which time you can submit your questions & concerns.   After reviewing your information, we will advise if we can assist you in your matter. 

If we determine we can provide you with the assistance needed to resolve your matter by phone or a live zoom meeting, we will offer you a minimum 1-hour personal phone consultation for $169.95 to provide the informative answers to your personal questions & the source of the information such as the IRS, etc.  Please note that these consultations are not for Tax training purposes, those services are offered as a standalone service. The consultation is to provide information directly related to your Tax situation such as what business structure benefits your situation, or how to respond to an IRS letter, or deductions related to your business etc. All responses to Tax questions will be provided directly from the IRS Tax code with a reference of that code for your review to assure you’re provided the correct updated information. We do not conduct consultations with third parties on the line such as your CPA, Tax preparer, this isn’t a debate session, it’s a conformation and education session.  If you are requesting Tax training information such as what you can deduct and how to keep bulletproof records, please visit our trainings offered under courses.

Once you have submitted your payment you will receive an email offering two available openings as well as a request to submit a list of your questions prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow our staff to gather the answers to your questions prior to speaking with you so you can maximize your hour with your Tax coach.  After the phone consultation, you will have all questions & answers along with the reference from the IRS emailed to you for your records.

Thank you for entrusting us with your matter

“The Academy Of Financial Education,


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