My Tax Report Card Assessment


What would your financial lifestyle look like if you could legally, ethically & morally drastically reduce the amount of money you’re currently losing in income Taxes out of your paycheck?

According to IRS data, the IRS issued almost $464 billion in tax refunds in fiscal year 2018, and $732 billion in 2020. That’s a ton of money lent to the IRS interest-free by hard-working Americans. This is because of limited Tax education and resources to assist individuals with determining how much or how little Taxes they should pay, especially if they have more than one source of income such as a working spouse or side business. 

The “My Tax Report Card Assessment” is a unique service that evaluates your current year to date Tax standings regardless of what time of the year it is to determine if you are on track to overpay or underpay your yearly income Taxes.  This analysis will help you avoid giving Uncle Sam an interest-free loan while keeping more of your hard-earned income in your pocket each year, it helps you avoid an underpayment penalty for not paying enough Taxes during the year as well.

Why is overpaying your taxes a mistake?

While a refund may seem exciting, it’s just your own money coming back to you after a delay. And sometimes it’s a long wait to get your money returned. Any money overpaid in January, for example, won’t come back to you for more than a year. All this money is tied up and you can’t do anything else with it. This can have big opportunity costs.

If you have a financial emergency, the money won’t be there for you, and you might have to borrow.

If you want to take a vacation, you may end up borrowing to pay for it, instead of being able to pay cash with money you could’ve saved by not overpaying your taxes.

If you’re in debt, you won’t have the money to pay extra to your creditors. Even if you apply your tax refund to the debt, you’ll pay interest for longer, so you’ll end up paying more than if you’d been sending in extra payments all along.

If you want to invest, you’ll miss out on returns you could’ve earned during the time the IRS had your money.

This assessment will provide you with enough information needed to walk into your Job and legally adjust your W-4 possibly giving yourself an instant pay raise. If you have a Home-Based Business or side income outside of a W2 job you most likely qualify for additional tax savings not captured on your W-4 which could lead to an overpayment in taxes.

 Without conducting this in-adept personal assessment it is virtually impossible to determine the correct allowances to apply on your W-4, or the correct amount you should be paying from your business income. Never let someone tell you that you can just go to your payroll department and change your withholdings without knowing the facts because it could cost you big time.  

Tax education is to income Taxes what kryptonite is to Superman.  The My Tax Report Card evaluation is your Tax GPS to avoid financial devastation down the road.  The lack of Tax education is a recipe for financial devastation. It’s impossible to cure cancer if you don’t know what it is.  Income Taxes is like financial cancer eating at your wealth and we have a cure



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After your payment is received you will receive an email from our support team with instructions of what information you need to provide to start processing your personal Tax assessment. After your assessment is completed we will schedule a 30 minute online zoom meeting to go over your results. as well as discuss developing an ongoing success game plan to avoid ever overpaying or under paying your Taxes in the future.