Mark & Laveda Pires Story

Mark & Laveda Pires are Tax Financial Educators & NOT Financial Advisors. Collectively we have over 40 years of Tax education predominantly taught directly from the “IRS” website, IRS online trainings conducted by the Internal Revenue Service themselves, about Taxation & Tax deductions offered to individuals & or businesses. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs as well as W2 wage earners fully understand the tax advantages offered to them and how to maximize them legally.

We’re efficient in providing you with the correct information that applies to your Tax situation, we’re passionate about educating others in an area where most people are totally uninformed and even terrified about.  Money will always be a part of our lives & so will taxes, so it just makes sense to get as educated about how to maximize both as legally possible.

We specialize in educating everyday hard-working individuals and entrepreneurs on how to legally maximize the tremendous tax advantages the Tax code offers for operating a business, regardless of if it’s a HOME BASED or BRICK & MORTAR BUSINESS.

We strongly believes & recommend that you pay every dime in income taxes you owe and not a dime more.  We’re dedicated to providing the highest form of life changing informative information simply not taught in our public school system on any level, with the highest level of accuracy & customer satisfaction.

Tax education isn’t entertaining and sometimes can be outright overwhelming, however it’s crucial to your financial success. We strive to meet your highest expectations. We value your trust & will provide you with the information that fits your situation and increases your compensation.

We offer a variety of products and services on our website to choose from that will catapult your knowledge of what tax deductions apply to you & how to document them with bulletproof records.  All tax information on this site or trainings are taken directly from the IRS Website or Government approved platforms so you can rest assure you’re not putting yourself or family at risk of losing any of your deductions in the event of an audit.  We are one of the few that refuses to put a spin on the facts when the facts are good enough, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality of information available.

Thank you for visiting The Academy Of Financial Education, we look forward to assisting you with increasing your bottom line & making your life less taxing.

Mark & Laveda Pires: CEO

The Academy of Financial Education”

Feedback & Reviews

Thank you to each of you for sharing your story with the world. My wife & I are committed to educating anyone that is willing to learn.

“Mark & Laveda Pires has been a financial life raft for my family & I with the Tax information they’ve been so willing to share, This information isn’t taught in school. I don’t know where I would be without them.”

Tony Alvarez

Retail Manager 

“These two are definitely God sent to the people because what they are teaching to the masses is giving people hope. I can’t put a price on the life long education I’ve received. My family thank you both.”

Russ Kennedy

Assistant Buyer at TXC

“No word can explain my gratitude for the knowledge I’ve been so blessed to learn from Mark & Laveda. I’ve had many CPA’s take my money to process my Taxes, but never one educated me.”

Alfredo Griffin

Copywriter at Dynamic